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Long-Term Group Courses of General Italian

The long-term, intensive group courses (four and six month, eight month academic year, and annual) are designed to meet the personal and academic needs of students who intend to study Italian in depth for extended periods of time. To do so, a student visa may be required.

These courses have the same schedule and study program as the standard courses: : they are organized in 2 daily sessions with two different, dedicated instructors. The first session is composed of two lessons focused on the development of communicative skills, while the second session of two lessons is focused on the in-depth study of grammar and the extension of the lexicon (vocabulary).

These courses meet the legal requirements necessary to apply for a student visa. Please read before booking.

Italian language courses in all our school in Milan, Florence, Mantua and Monza
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Courses of Italian
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All Italian courses are available in all our language schools in Milan, Florence, Mantua and Monza