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General Italian Group Courses in Milan and Monza


The Accademia di Italiano offers a wide choice of long-term group courses, intensive courses and part-time courses of General Italian (the language used in daily life in Italy) for private individuals and companies in Milan and Monza. The teaching is focused on the harmonious development of the four communication skills (listening, speaking, writing, reading), with the aim of making it easier and more enjoyable for foreigners to live and work in Italy.

The training programs on offer include many different formats and levels in which to participate. These range from standard courses of General Italian (held every day for all levels) to evening or Saturday courses for those students, who due to their commitments have a limited amount of time available to them to dedicate to their studies. For those who wish to make very rapid and personalized progress or to concentrate on specific skills, there is also a “combination” format, which combines intensive group courses with individual lessons.

Whatever your level, our school, with our two locations in the centers of Milan and Monza, will help you get acquainted with the Italian language, gain confidence when using it and teach you to communicate in a fluent way. To do this, all you have to do is choose the course format most suited to your needs and come to the school to take the placement test This will enable us to know your starting level and to place you in the group most suited to you. For a quick check of your level, you can take the online level test.

To view the course calendar, especially if you are a beginner, click here.

To attend courses for a period of time greater than 90 days, a student visa may be required: all of the standard courses and the long-term courses meet the requirements necessary to apply for a student visa.

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