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Courses of Specialist Italian for Professionals

We have developed a wide range of individual and combination (group + individual lessons) designed to study the Specialist Italian used in the professions with particular lexicons.
The individual Specialist lessons offer a completely personalized study program and schedule which, based on the initial level, take into account the goals of the student and their scheduling issues.
The combination courses combine group lessons of General Italian (3h every day) with individual Specialist lessons (1h30' every day).
It is possible to register for only individual Specialist lessons.
As with all Specialist lessons, a minimum starting level of Elementary/Pre-Intermediate A2/B1 is required.

Course information
A rather flexible syllabus easily molded to fit the goals of the individual student, has been developed for each of these courses.
After the entrance test and the inital in-depth needs analysis, the syllabus is then personalized to reach the desired results.

  • Extension of specialist vocabulary in relation to arguments covered
  • Active and involving discussions on specialist topics
  • In-depth study of personalized themes
  • Wide selection of up-to-date content
  • Teaching program created in conjunction with the student after the entrance test
Italian for Business
Courses of Italian for Human Resources
Courses of Italian for Law
Courses of Italian for Medicine
Courses of Italian for Banking


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All Italian courses are available in all our language schools in Milan, Florence, Mantua and Monza