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Online Entrance Test - Italian Language Knowledge

To discover your level of Italian immediately and free

The online test  is a useful tool to evaluate your level of  linguistic ability.

In addition to satisfying a legitimate curiosity, its goal is to place you in the course with the most suitable level for you. It is advisable that the online test be done in autonomy: choose the texts that correctly complete the sentences, and at the end your result will be communicated to you.

LIVELLO Principiante (A1)

1) Buongiorno, come sta?

2) Dove studi italiano?

3) Elisa è molto sportiva: tutti i giorni per 5 km

4) Che cosa cucini?

5) Vieni in mensa?

6) In classe dieci studenti e un’insegnante

7) dove è un buon ristorante qui vicino?

8) Odio ballare e in discoteca

9) Che cosa ti piace dell’Italia?

10) A che ora i tuoi figli di solito?

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 Online Italian language test
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