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Living in Milan

A typical day on one of our morning courses


Living in Milan
A typical day on one of our morning courses
A fresh start
Wow! It’s getting late this morning! Last night I came home after midnight because I spent so much time in that nice bar with the new friends I made at Academia di Italiano. I catch the Tube to the school: its area is so lively, full of tempting coffee shops and bakeries! I sit al fresco in the morning sun and take cappuccino (the real one) with a freshly made croissant and an orange squash. I chat with my classmates while we watch the early visitors of the big Castle and of Leonardo’s Last Supper cueing for their cultural trip. And the school itself is really impressive: modern, spacious and full of light.

08:45 At school free Wi-Fi lets me catch up with friends and family at home. And if I did not take with me my tablet there is plenty of pc’s for the students.
The girls at the front desk smile while they welcome me and remind me that today after class there will be a film shown in the theatre room: “And don’t forget tomorrow’s visit to La Scala and the fashion quadrangle: be ready for a fantastic window shopping!” Well, I look forward to that! Milan is so tempting when it comes to fashion…

How we teach
A day of study

Lessons begin, communication skills first, like everyday. The teachers are fantastic, so patient, helpful and knowledgeable: I really feel pushed to do my best, like all my classmates.

Time for a break in front of the coffee machine of the school: I know I shouldn’t indulge too much to the Italian way of life, but a second coffee will help me getting through the next lesson with another teacher, my favourite!
Grammar time: the teacher succeeds in making us improve communicating in Italian correctly, avoiding all those mistakes that would make us look very poor speakers.

Classes are over, I really do not feel like I spent three good hours learning Italian. I must thank my teachers for this, and the spirit they are able to instill in all of us.

Time for lunch, I think I will just stroll downstairs and be inspired by one of the many genuine Italian bars, restaurants and pizzerias that I am discovering day by day near the school: perhaps I will go for a pizza again, here it is really different, coming off the hot wood oven in front of me, not like the gummy reheated one I used to like in my Country!

I feel so satisfied with my light lunch, Italian food is really good and healthy in Milan.
I think I will now head with a couple of classmates for Brera, the art and artists’ district, and slowly walk through the narrow streets there, full of art galleries, tempting coffee and ice-cream shop, and fashion showrooms. The ideal way to wait for the end of the afternoon classes at Accademia di Italiano where two of the best new friends I made there are sitting their classes. I will meet them there when they finish at 16:15 (they started at 13:00).

Film festival at school: last week it was Fellini’s “La dolce vita”, I had not seen it before, what a great film! Today it will be the Oscar winner “The Great Beauty”, something like “la dolce vita” of today, I really look forward to seeing it with my new friends

It was beautiful! And I was able to understand most of it, again thank to my excellent teachers.
Now it is time to go back home to change: I hope the landlady will not offer me tea, I do not have time today. A good shower, and at 8 will meet my friends at Navigli, the canals where the nightlife reigns until early in the morning.

Navigli! I am sure tonight I will meet new friends, and will chat about everything in front of a glass of wine until perhaps very late…
And tomorrow? It will be another day!


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